An open door to a new future for homeless people

A home for everyone

The Porta Foundation is committed to homeless people and other vulnerable people. In our metropolises it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a suitable home. The bottom of the rental market is tight, there are few affordable rental properties, the quality is often below par.
Stichting Porta offers temporary shelter to homeless men, women and families, and also looks for a permanent residence, for example in a social housing project. The goal is to break the vicious circle of homelessness and go for a better future.
Stichting Porta was founded at the end of 2015 on the initiative of De Overmolen and vzw Lhiving.

Our activities

For people in poverty it can sometimes take years before they find a decent home. In order to make a home of that new home, they often have to take up debt again. Because they are rarely entitled to an installation premium from the OCMW, so they do not have enough resources to set up a new home.

Stichting Porta helped several residents in 2016 to decorate their home. Sustainable and ecologically responsible appliances and furniture were purchased for 16,000 euros.

Some testimonies

Hafsa: “I am very happy with the house that I was assigned through a social organization. But I am not entitled to an installation allowance from the OCMW and my disability allowance is so small that I found it difficult to arrange my apartment. Thanks to the support of the Porta Foundation I have really been able to make it enjoyable. I have curtains, carpets, a wardrobe, and also a coffee machine, iron and croque-monsieur machine. I thank God for bringing me into contact with these people! “

Michel : “I already lived in a reception home for homeless men for 3 years. I almost gave up hope to get out of there. Rents in Brussels are no longer normal … They will soon charge 500 euros plus costs for a small apartment. With my disability allowance of 1,000 euros and all my medical costs, that is not actually feasible. Often the owner does not want to rent to someone like me. They always ask for a pay slip, and if you say that you are coming from a reception home, they look at you crookedly. I could rent a studio through Lhiving and thanks to the help of the Porta Foundation I could also organize everything. “

Doris : “I am now 18 years old. I am seriously ill and want to live independently. It is time to make something of my own life. I want this very much, only I do not know how to handle this. Because I have never had help from my parents. I hope someone with a good heart will help me. “

Joseph & Nora : “There must be someone who wants to take our two children out of this misery?”

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