Projects and infrastructure management

Social economy project for a dozen employees in a work experience program who learn jobs, manage the infrastructure and gain work experience

Focus on work experience and infrastructure

The Overmolen has always invested in buildings. These are rented to social organizations, used as meeting and meeting rooms, or serve as social rental homes. In total, this involves 7,500 m2 of office space and 500 m2 of living space.

The daily management of this infrastructure is done by a socio-economic project set up for that purpose. In this, people with a low level of education get the chance to gain one to two years of work experience as a handyman or as an administrative employee.

In this period of stability at work, employees often also take important steps to get their personal lives on track as well. That also increases their chances on the labor market.

De Overmolen…

  • … received recognition as a Local Initiative for the Development of Employment (PIOW) of the Brussels-Capital Region at the end of 2015,
  • … collaborates with various Brussels CPASs to recruit vulnerable workers,
  • … offers other social organizations to call on this handy service but also on our other services.


  • Tracé Brussels: for the organization of short, technical training modules.
  • House of Dutch: for Dutch lessons.
  • Pag-asa: contributes to the yards.
  • Febio: represents the interests of the social economy sector in Brussels.

Some figures

  • Number of target group employees in the klusteam: 5
  • Turnover maintenance works 2016-2017: 25,000 euros.

Personal assistance

The employees of the socio-economic project are personally supervised.

  • We offer input and trust, and ask for responsibility and sense of initiative.
    During their work they come into contact with a wide range of people and organizations. We ask them to act with dignity, to cooperate well, to be honest and open, and to respect and propagate our values
  • One day a week they can take additional training such as basic electricity, working at height, painting, plastering, ICT, etc. There are also French and Dutch courses.
  • Our counselor is in close contact with everyone’s social assistant at the OCMW.



  • Minor-Ndako: painting a new home for unaccompanied minors
  • Samenhuizen: painting 13 residential units
  • Child Focus: placing skirting boards, floor covering for renovation offices
  • Aksent: painting 850 m2 of office space in a service center
  • Gardener: demolition of old windows, finishing after installation of new windows
    electrical cabling of the shutters
  • Pag-asa: casing and finishing new windows
  • Sint-Jorissite: sanding and painting wooden windows, finishing small rooms and toilets, dismantling rooms for donor center Red Cross..