Sint Joris site

Old school building in the heart of Brussels that has been transformed into a very diverse space for co-working and cohousing, with a central open space and a city garden

In the Cellebroersstraat 16 seven organizations work and 17 people live. The total area for living and working is 11.700 m2.

  • In Samenhuizen live 17 residents with or without an intellectual disability, people with Korsakov’s syndrome and a number of elderly people. Residents who need professional guidance will receive the vzw De Lork and vzw De Lariks.
  • In the kindergarten of the Sint-Joris primary school, 175 children attend school every weekday.
  • Out-of-school care De Buiteling receives up to 60 children every day after school.
  • Pag-asa offers shelter and guidance for victims of peoplehandel.
  • Indivo organizes leisure activities for people with disabilities.
  • De Overmolen has its offices there and manages the site.
  • The Red Cross will open a new donor center in 2018.
  • Odisee organizes the Bachelor’s programs in primary education and plastic education for its students.
  • In 2018, the renovation of eleven studios will begin for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers, victims of trafficking and students. The first residents can move in in 2019.