De Kleppe

The Kleppe is an old monastery estate in the Flemish Ardennes that has been transformed into a pleasant holiday accommodation for people who are physically, mentally, financially or socially vulnerable.

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A few figures (2016-2017)

  • There were 2 800 people on holiday.
  • 80 percent of these are vulnerable target groups and their supervisors.
  • A total of 13 000 overnight stays were booked.

Pioneer in care vacations

De Kleppe is a pioneer when it comes to care vacations for vulnerable groups and people in poverty.

  • The first holidays in the old monastery building with a garden were organised in 1995.
  • In 2010 one decided to renew the monastery and make it completely accessible. Research had shown that 39 percent of people with a disability that receive an allowance, live below the European poverty line.
  • The infrastructure and the domain of De Kleppe meets the Flemish A+-label, the highest form of accessability.
  • 49 people can spend the night. Each year more than a thousand of people from the wanted target groups spend their vacations there and this number rises each year.

Green care

Since 2017 De Kleppe is reckognized as a care farm by the Flemish Agency for people with a disability.

  • This reckognition allows to organise a daily allowance for people with a disability who have a personal budget.
  • Also people who go on vacation and have their own budget can spend a part thereof on their vacation in De Kleppe.


  • Persons who are in our target adiences, receive around 30 percent discount per stayover.
  • We have a catering service at low prices and also the possibility to cook for youself.
  • There are many activities on the domain itself or in the near environment.

So it stays an affordable vacation.


  • In the holiday centre we have adapted care rooms, shower brancards, high-low beds, toilet-and fixating chairs and elevators.
  • There are three low stimulus rooms for people with behavioral issues.
  • In the garden there are hardened paths, one can enter the vegetable garden in a weelchair or rollator.
  • The arena for shows is also accessible for wheelchairs and walkers.

See the accomodations

Accommodations De Kleppe

Active with animals

  • The animals in the farm are used for therapeutic workshops. Those are always made to fit the needs of the person.
  • In De Kleppe one can learn to do a parcours with a goat, to pet a bunny and hug it, or to adventure on a donkey.


Stefaan: “I am in a weelchar and have a few disabilities. De Kleppe has done all it takes to make the stay as pleasant as possible. The parking, the entrance, the bedroom and the garden are totally accessible, without any bumps.”

Kazou Brussels: “The perfect marriage between a holiday sensation and a topcare location.”

Two mums from ATD Fourth World Flanders: “We spent a wonderful weekend here. We are two mothers, for whom poverty can be very severe at times, with six children and three voluntary counsellors. The weather was on so the children could play outside to their heart’s content. There was plenty of room to run, climb, walk and cycle. The bird’s nest was one of the favourites of some children. And then there were the animals: pigs, donkeys, chickens, goats. They, too, are responsible for jubilation and amazement. Space, tranquillity and nature: The Kleppe offers it. For us, they are luxury goods that we do not find at home. We would very much like to come back!”

Our vision

Everyone needs a holiday. Then you can escape the daily routine for a while, let go of your worries, get some extra oxygen and energy to think about life or think about new steps you want to take. For people who need a lot of care, who live in poverty or who have a disability, there are few holiday centres where they can easily go.

The Kleppe is a place where they are welcome. This holiday center offers customized, comfortable and affordable infrastructure, there are activities with animals and in nature, it is a place to relax.


The concept of inclusion is put into practice on a daily basis. Visitors, volunteers, staff, employees who gain work experience … everyone is equal and everyone is welcome. Each visitor gets a full place there and together time is made to listen to each other. The starting point is that each individual has talents, and that everyone can learn from everyone.


De Kleppe…

  • is at the intersection of social employment, leisure activities for special target groups, tourism, environment, welfare and care, education and animal care,
  • provides a holiday accommodation for organisations, institutions and groups working with vulnerable individuals, people in need of care, people with disabilities and their families,
  • welcomes also social profit organizations and other groups or companies for their team days, seminars, trainings or vacations.