Social-economics project for employees in a work experience trajectory that seniors visit home, help them in their daily lives and gain work experience

A home care service for frail older people
Kompanie @ home is a home care service for frail older people, with the aim that the elderly can stay at home for as long as possible. The project reaches both Belgians and people of different origins, both men and women. These elderly people are usually referred by organizations such as service centers, often have little or no family, and have a low income.

The employees of Kompanie @ home visit them at home to keep company, to do small activities together and to act as a kind of bridge figure between client, family and other health care providers. Each new employee receives a short training to learn how to deal with these elderly people, to guide them appropriately, and to be able to refer specifically to more specialized care if necessary.


The Overmolen

  • received its recognition in 2014 to accompany vulnerable people to work, and in 2018 the extension of this recognition.


  • offers its services as an addition to existing home care such as cleaning services, nursing and care.

Some figures since 2014

  • Total number of clients in guidance: 90
  • Total number of visits per week: 50
  • Total number of employees: 19


Marie-Thérèse: Op dit moment heb ik heel veel geluk. Ik ben omringd door parels. De medewerksters zijn parels, ook die op het bureau. Ik moet toegeven dat ik me erg verwend voel.”

Roza: “I love Hakima a lot, she is so nice, you know, life is no longer as it used to be, I do not move much, I only travel in my memories, and getting a visit is very valuable to me!”

Do you want to call on our services? Then contact us. We would be happy to visit you to discuss what is necessary for you and possibly for us.

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