Construction of eleven social studios for unaccompanied minors asylum seekers, victims of trafficking and students

A new way of living together

At the beginning of 2016, the special cohousing project Samenhuizen started on the Sint-Jorissite. Eight apartments, four studios and a large common room were renovated, with a city garden on the main courtyard. In addition to some young people and seniors, there are adults with an intellectual disability, a memory disorder (Korsakov’s syndrome) or a psychiatric problem. They receive professional support from De Lork and De Lariks vzw, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In case of emergency, the seniors can also call on this permanence. Seventeen residents have been living since the beginning of 2017.

CO-KOT BXL is a new project in the attic of the main building of the Sint-Jorissite. There will be eleven studios with mezzanine (26m2) for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers, victims of trafficking and students. In addition to the individual studios, there will also be a common room. One studio will be fully accessible for residents with a disability.

Curious about this project? Be sure to check out the video below about Samenhuizen.

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Howis it an innovatieve project?

Due to the large variety of organizations and target groups involved, Samenhuizen evolved into an original and innovative residential project. That innovative character is expressed in different areas.

  • The growing diversity in our society challenges her to re-learn together to live together. Our common future is in the encounter with each other, across cultures, generations or personal situations. Samenhuizen is a place where that future takes shape.
  • Samenhuizen chooses inclusion, where everyone deals with everyone and where vulnerable people are given a place in society. This housing project responds to the current trend of socialization of care, where people who need care can take their own lives, and receive sufficient professional and other support.
  • The Sint-Jorissite is a large location in the center of Brussels. The common areas can be used by residents as well as by the neighborhood. This way, Samenhuizen can become a catalyst for the development of a caring neighborhood
  • Samenhuizen offers vulnerable people the opportunity to develop their lives independently.

– All rooms are accessible and adapted for people with a wheelchair or walker.

– For unaccompanied minor asylum seekers and for victims of trafficking it is  an important intermediate step from being guided to independent living.

– Students with a disability are also welcome, which is unique in Brussels.

– The Sint-Jorissite is the home base for various social organizations. It is a lively microcosm with a lot of interaction between residents and organizations. In order to stimulate this dynamic, activities with and for the neighborhood are also being organized.

Timing en budget

2016: ontwikkeling concept en plannen
oktober 2016: indiening dossier advies brandweer
april 2017: indiening dossier bouwvergunning
januari 2018: start werken
januari 2019: eerste bewoners

Kostprijs: 1,3 miljoen euro
Subsidies: 250.000 euro
Andere inkomsten: lening + renovatiepremies
Nog te zoeken fondsen: 314.000 euro


  • Minor-Ndako: guidance and guidance of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers.
    selection of students.
  • Pag asa: guidance and guidance of victims of trafficking in human beings.
    selection of students.
  • Kenniscentrum WWZ: support for the development concept.
  • Baita vzw: as a social rental agency, is responsible for the lease contracts.
  • Brussels Region: subsidization.
  • Flemish government: subsidization.
  • Architectural firm: Stefan Van Moll.
  • Odisee University of Applied Sciences: student guidance.