The Overmolen Family

The Overmolen-family

The Overmolen is not a one-sided organization but consists of several family members

  • Minor-Ndako: reception of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers
  • Pag-asa: reception of victims of trafficking
  • Lhiving: psychosocial and residential counseling of the chronically ill
  • Baita: social rental office
  • Globe Aroma: artistic effect for people with a precarious residence status
  • Job Yourself: training jobseekers towards entrepreneurship
  • ‘T Stadhuis: patrimonium vzw
  • Le Relais de Ghoy: residential farm for people in a precarious life situation.

As a result of our 25th anniversary in 2017, we have made a documentary about our operations and the various organizations that have emerged from the lap of the Overmolen. For 50 minutes the film takes you along its own history and the workings of vzw Lhiving, Globe Aroma, Minor-Ndako, De Kleppe, Job Yourself and Pag-asa.

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